EB-1A for Chinese Entrepreneur in Business Development & Leadership successfully filed by MLG.

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Business

Industry: Entrepreneurship

Field: Leadership and Development Innovation

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Case Summary

Meyer Law Group filed an EB-1A for a Chinese Entrepreneur. The client founded a business that provides leadership development to a diverse range of corporations. Furthermore, she designed many leadership programs in numerous fields including IT, finance, beauty, and retail. The client wrote that she plans to “create a strong foundation for business opportunities in the US that fosters cross-cultural exchange resulting in new and innovative revenue streams and jobs for US workers.”

The petition carefully detailed the client’s background and qualifications for EB-1 status. Firstly, we noted that the client has an impressive work history at major organizations. These organizations include Citibank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the World Bank. Additionally, she worked as a Keynote Speaker at 12 industry conferences where she shared her original work. Secondly, the petition highlighted the client’s notable reputation. For instance, we included nine articles published about the client’s training program in major media outlets.

Finally, we included multiple outstanding letters of recommendation from business leaders. The letters described the client as: “among a small percentage at the top of her field and truly a pioneer in the field of Leadership Development in China.” Similarly, another letter wrote: “based on her successes she will make important economic and cultural contributions that expand her field in the United States.”

As a result of her impressive background and abilities, MLG is grateful this client chose our firm to handle her immigration needs.

Note: This case is currently still under process by USCIS.

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