EB-1A Visa for a British Fashion Designer Approved in less than 2 months!

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1A for Extraordinary Abilities in the Arts

Industry: Graphic and Fashion Design

Field: Print and Textiles

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Approval Notice Date: September 2018

Processing Time: 48 days

Case Summary

In this success story, Meyer Law Group filed an EB-1A visa for a British Fashion and Graphic Designer. The client is one of the most significant contributors to American fashion retailers. She was described as having an ability to predict fashion trends that set her “in a category all her own, from even other top fashion designers.” Consequently, the client worked as a Fashion Designer at retailers with major reputations in the United States.

Firstly, Meyer Law Group noted that the client met six of the ten requirements listed by USCIS for EB-1A visa qualification. We also highlighted the client’s unique combination of artistic vision and business intuition and emphasized her positive influence on American retail companies.

Secondly, the petition included outstanding letters of recommendation from designers at major fashion brands. These brands included Marks & Spencer, GAP, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Each letter verified the client’s expertise and talent. For example, one of the letters wrote: “in the three years that [the client] was at the largest domestic retailer in Turkey, the business grew rapidly from a $1 billion to a $2 billion turnover company.” In addition, another letter described the client’s prints as “consistent best sellers that were on trend and commercial… She was an invaluable team member and instrument to our success.”

As a result of our firm’s expertise, the client’s petition was approved in less than 2 months. MLG wishes our client the best of luck in her bright future in the United States. We thank her for trusting our firm to handle her immigration matters.

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