EB-1A visa for a Taiwanese Brands and Communications Designer approved in six days!

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1A for Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

Industry: Brand and Communications Design

Field: Humanitarian Issues and Climate Change

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Approval Notice Date: March 2018

Processing Time: Six days

Case Summary

A marketing firm hired Meyer Law Group to file an EB-1A visa for a Taiwanese employee. The studio offered our client the position of Brand and Communications Design Lead. In this role, her responsibilities were to predict trends and develop a brand identity and strategy.

Summary of the Filing:

Our firm verified the client’s expertise and skill in her petition. Firstly, we detailed the client’s humanitarian work history. She worked in a critical role at UNICEF, TEDxSanFrancisco, and the City of Baltimore. Specifically, we noted the client’s initiative to increase green infrastructure in Maryland. This project helped clean Baltimore’s water and reduced polluted runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.

Secondly, the petition included 12 letters of recommendation. Each letter praised the client and her exceptional abilities. Her previous employer wrote, “[the client’s] extraordinary abilities are limitless. She is needed in the United States as one of these special people who will learn incredibly fast and create opportunities for the next generations to keep the dream alive for which we all came here. She is well-deserving of being granted this visa because of her technical experience. Her work is making a positive impact for the greater good.”

Finally, we noted her receipt of five major awards, including a 2nd place concept pitch from the UN Population Fund. In addition, four American universities invited her to work as a Guest Lecturer.

The client previously filed an O-1A Visa at our firm. USCIS approved this visa in just six days. She later returned to file an EB-1A and became a permanent resident in the US. To conclude, MLG wishes our client the best of luck. We cannot wait to see her future endeavors to make the world a better place.

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