EB-1B Visa Approved for Outstanding AI Researcher in 12 days!

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1B for an Outstanding Researcher

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

Field: Computer Vision

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Approval Notice Date: April 2016

Processing Time: 12 days

Case Summary

A software company hired Meyer Law Group to file an EB-1B petition for an individual with extraordinary ability in computer science. The client’s research in computer vision and machine learning placed him at the top of his field.

 The client developed new mathematical models that can identify and sort images within large data sets with an accuracy that surpasses previous models. The client’s research enables image retrieval from large databases, further broadening the many applications of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Brief Summary of the Petition:

Firstly, we noted the clients nine granted patents and 12 published academic articles. The articles are highly referenced by others in the field. In addition, major media outlets published three articles on the client and his research. Also, we highlighted the client’s participation as a judge at seven international conferences, including the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision.

In addition, his petition included six letters of recommendation from experts in the field. The letters described the client as a high-level researcher with uncanny ability and experience. Moreover, the client’s references are all affiliated with major research institutions and companies such as University of Maryland College Park, Dartmouth College, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science, and Facebook. For example, one of letters characterized the client as an “extraordinarily gifted and dedicated Research Scientist whose research resulted in significant findings in his field. Furthermore, he demonstrated a high level of performance throughout his professional career and received the full respect of his peers.”

 To conclude, MLG successfully demonstrated the necessity of this client to the US Artificial Intelligence industry. Subsequently, his petition was approved just 12 days after filing. MLG wishes our client the best of luck in his future and has no doubt that his continued research will positively impact the US.

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