EB-1B Visa for a Chinese Researcher in Coding Theory and Wireless Technology Approved!

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1B for an Outstanding Researcher

Industry: Research and Development in Smartphone Technology

Field: Coding Theory and Wireless Technology

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Approval Notice Date: April 2020

Processing Time: 52 days

Case Summary

In 2020, a Chinese technology researcher hired Meyer Law Group to assist in her EB-1B Visa petition. The client is an internationally recognized researcher. At the time of filing, she had 17 publications, 7 approved patents, and over 150 citations. Her groundbreaking research focuses on hardware and coding for 5G communication systems. In addition, she created the first mathematical proof for the convergence of frozen bits within a codeword and error correction coding for wireless communications. In other words, her research revolutionized the field of 5G technology.

Summary of the Petition:

Firstly, we noted in the petition that the client had over 10 years of research experience in the field of cell phone technology and innovation. We also detailed her academic background. Specifically highlighting her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Many scholarly journals published her work, including the IEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing. Additionally, we noted the large number of international researchers who cite her work frequently.

Secondly, we found that the client had seven approved patents and over 80 pending patents at the time of filing. This large number of patents exemplifies her expertise and intention to continue research in the United States.

Finally, the petition included 11 letters of recommendation. In brief, each letter verified her impact on the development of modern communication systems. They also emphasized her potential to benefit the scientific advancement of the United States.

Meyer Law Group filed her EB-1B petition and received her approval notice within two months. Subsequently, our client employed Meyer Law Group again to assist with her adjustment of status to become a permanent resident. As a result of our firm’s expertise, no request for further evidence was needed.

In closing, MLG is grateful for our client’s long-standing trust in our firm to handle her immigration matters. We wish her the best of luck in her very bright future.

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