EB-1B Petition for a Professor and Researcher in the field of mathematical modeling filed by Meyer Law Group.

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1B Petition for a Professor

Industry: Computer Science and Machine Learning

Field: Data Mining and Mathematical Modeling

Country of Origin: Canada

Position Offered: Senior Research Scientist

Note: This case is currently still under process by USCIS.

Case Summary

A major software development company hired Meyer Law Group to file EB-1B petition for a Professor from Canada. The company intended to employ the client due to his expertise in computer science and math. The client’s original research and contributions revolutionized the IT industry and set a new standard for future work.

The client had a total of 62 scholarly publications at the time of filing and five granted patents. In addition, he spent adequate time judging the work of others in his field as a reviewer, judge, and interviewer at 23 conferences. The client also had ample letters of recommendation from other experts in the field, including some associated with major institutions such as Stanford University, the University of Chicago, and the University of California, Berkeley. Each letter verified his expertise and ensured he would further the field in the United States.

Furthermore, we highlighted his master’s degrees in financial mathematics and computational and mathematical engineering. In addition, he has a Ph.D. in scientific computing and computational mathematics from Stanford University. We noted that the client even worked as a Professor at a prestigious University in his country of origin.

To conclude, MLG is grateful to our client for his abiding trust in our firm and for allowing us to represent him in this matter.

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