O-1A and O-3 approved for Australian Technology Manager in less than two months

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences 

Industry: Cyber Security

Field: Technology Management

Country of Origin: Australia

Position Offered: Chief Revenue Officer

Approval Notice Date: August 2020

Case Summary

An American IT company hired Meyer Law Group to file an O-1 Visa petition for an Executive Manager. The client has over 20 years of experience, is a leading figure in the field of technology management and cyber security, and provided original contributions to the business field.

A Summary of the Petition:

In his petition, we first established that the client’s work is relevant to the development of the cyber security industry in the United States through his prior work experience. The client grew a small network security startup with $200,000 in revenue per year into one of Australia’s leading Cyber Security Companies with over $4 million in revenue per year in 24 months. Further, the client consulted directly to large enterprises and government bodies. For example, the National Australia Bank, the Arab Bank, Shangri-La, and the New South Wales Police.

Secondly, we encouraged our client to ask colleagues for letters of recommendation. Each letter advocated for his unique skills and previous achievements. For instance, his ability to form trusted business partnerships, secure large revenue growth for companies, and conducting cyber security defensive operations against aggressors.

In addition, we noted the client’s international recognition in media and press, including the Wall Street Journal, BBC World News, and Channel News Asia. Also, we included excerpts from our client’s media interviews in the petition to further verify his status and expertise.

After validating his credentials and background, Meyer Law Group filed an O-1 petition for the client and two O-3 petitions for his spouse and child. USCIS received and approved the petitions within two months of filing. Therefore, the client and his family promptly relocated to the US and began working.

To conclude, our firm is proud to have secured an O-1A visa for such a successful and impressive client. We wish him the best of luck in his future.

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