O-1A for a Chinese Engineer filed by Meyer Law Group

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences 

Industry: Smartphone Development and Wireless Technology

Field: Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

Country of Origin: the People’s Republic of China

Position Offered: Staff Engineer

Case Summary

In this case, Meyer Law Group was hired to file an O-1A for a Chinese Engineer with extraordinary ability in the sciences. The client is an internationally recognized Research Scientist whose innovative work is widely published and cited in his field. With a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, the client discovered novel inventions that revolutionized the field of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design.

A Summary of the Petition:

Firstly, we noted the client’s 12 publications and three patents. In addition, other scientists used his work to further their own research in the field. Numerous top scholarly journals even featured the client’s work. These include the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits and IEEE Access. Both journals rank No. 1 among top publications in their respective fields

Secondly, the client received seven letters of recommendation from leading experts in his field. Each letter verified his extraordinary ability and the merits of his original scientific contributions. For instance, one of the letters noted the powerful implications of the client’s original work on sensor and digital transmitters. This technology is vital to the United States’ ability to develop next-generation technology. Therefore, the letter highlighted how the client’s work can positively contribute to regaining an American global advantage in cellular network technology.

Also, MLG noted the dependence of an entire business on the novel discoveries of the client. The company has the industry’s broadest product portfolio due to his innovations.

To note, this case is still currently under review by USCIS.

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