EB-1A visa for a Chinese Semiconductor Engineer approved in less than three months!

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Physics & Engineering

Field: Semiconductor Enhancement

Country of Origin: the People’s Republic of China

Approval Notice Date: May 2020

Processing Time: Less than three months

Case Summary

Meyer Law Group filed an EB-1A visa for a Chinese engineer with extraordinary abilities in physics. The client invented a new yield enhancement for semiconductors. Due to his expertise, the client is widely considered to be a high achiever in his field.

In his petition, our team verified the client’s expertise and extraordinary ability. Firstly, we noted the client’s impressive history. At the time of filing, the client had 12 publications, one patent, three awards, and over 20 years of experience as an engineer. Secondly, we provided evidence of the client’s strong reputation. For example, we included the New York Times article on the client’s groundbreaking work.

The client’s petition included multiple letters recommendation from individuals with impressive credentials. These individuals are affiliated with companies such as Motorola and Hitachi. Each letter of recommendation reaffirmed the extraordinary talents of the client and verified that his work will be beneficial to the United States. We also noted the client’s ambitious character and future career plans upon arrival.

MLG proved in the petition that the client’s experience and knowledge will contribute important value for the company he chooses to work for in the US. After filing, USCIS approved the case less than three months after the client’s priority date.

MLG is thankful for the client’s trust in our firm. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his promising career in the United States.

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