Senior Multinational Manager Approved for EB-1C Visa

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1B for a Multinational Manager

Industry: Products and Solutions Software Engineering

Field: Management

Country of Origin: India

Approval Notice Date: August 2021

Processing Time: 9 months

Case Summary

In March 2021, an American software company acquired the client’s place of employment, a multinational cybersecurity firm. As a result, the parent company hired the client as a Senior Multinational Manager in Products & Solution Engineering. At the time of filing, the client had nine years of experience. In addition, he generated over $3 million in profit for the company.

The company hired Meyer Law Group to file an EB-1C Visa petition for the client. This visa type moves employees in multinational corporations to the US permanently.

Firstly, we noted the client’s experience as a Senior Manager. In this role, he became an expert in the business. His fields of expertise are sales, solution engineering, marketing, and customer support. In addition, the client had vital knowledge of the original business and product. The petition verified his vast experience and his necessity at the firm.

To conclude, MLG filed the client’s visa in January 2021. USCIS approved the case nine months from the filing date. This case is another example of a Manager Approved for an EB-1C Visa in just a few months. MLG appreciates the client’s trust in our firm. We wish him the best of luck.

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