O-1B for British Advertiser Approved in only six days!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1B for an Outstanding Researcher 

Industry: Healthcare Communications

Field: Advertising

Country of Origin: the United Kingdom

Position Offered: Art Director

Approval Notice Date: November 2019

Processing Time: 6 days

Case Summary

In 2019, Meyer Law Group represented a client with an extraordinary ability in the arts. Specifically, the client worked in advertising and media for notable healthcare and pharmaceutical campaigns.

Firstly, we highlighted the client’s numerous distinctions in her field. For instance, she served on the grand jury of the prestigious New York Festivals Global Awards and worked on ad campaigns that received international awards. In addition, we detailed the client’s specialized ad campaign to target the leading cause of death in Australia, heart disease. The campaign won a Global Award from the New York Festival. The client’s unique skill has the potential to improve the Healthcare Communications industry in the United States.

Her petition included a number of outstanding letters of recommendation. In these letters, the client’s colleagues described her strong work ethic and unique background. For example, one colleague wrote that the client’s “skills are highly specialized and individuals like [her] are extremely hard to find.”

To conclude, USCIS approved the client’s petition within 6 days of filing. The client’s employer hired MLG again to extend her O-1B visa a few years later. MLG is honored to have secured a future in the United States for such a talented individual. Our team wishes her the best of luck in her promising future.

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