O-1A for Turkish Computer Graphics Expert Approved

O-1A for Turkish Computer Graphics Expert at one of the world’s leading multinational software companies Approved.

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Software Engineering

Field: Computer Graphics

Country of Origin: Turkey

Position Offered: 3D Graphics Researcher

Approval Notice Date: August 2019

Case Summary

In this case, one of the world’s largest software companies hired Meyer Law Group to file an O-1A visa petition. Specifically, the company intended to hire a Turkish computer graphics expert to improve their technology.

In his petition, we firstly detailed the client’s research history. The client is a popular researcher who developed new methods for procuring results in 3D reconstruction and digital fabrication. Moreover, his findings changed how software companies utilize computer imagery. Consequently, the client was hired by the software company as a 3D Graphics Researcher. His responsibilities are to develop brand new technologies in the areas of geometry processing, 3D design, fabrication, and acquisition.

Meyer Law Group ensured the client’s visa approval by highlighting his unique background and skills in the petition. For example, we included numerous letters of recommendation from professors at highly respected institutions, such as Yale and MIT. Each letter verified the client’s expertise. In addition, we noted that the client published a multitude of articles in international scholarly journals. Furthermore, eight journals invited him to serve as a peer reviewer.

To conclude, Meyer Law Group is proud to work alongside such a well-respected company. Our team wishes the client the best in his future endeavors with this company.

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