O-1A Visa for Computer Vision Expert from China approved in only 11 days!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Software and Technology Development  

Field: Computer Vision and Multimedia Analysis 

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Position Offered: Research Scientist

Approval Notice Date: November 2015

Processing Time: 11 days

Case Summary

In this case, one of the world’s largest software development companies hired MLG to file an O-1A petition for an outstanding researcher. The client is an expert in her field of computer vision. The client made outstanding contributions to the field of computer vision with a considerable level of impact. Specifically, her work revolutionized the use of user-generated geo-tagged photos to identify popular travel destinations and route patterns.

In her petition, we first noted her research and academic background. At the time of filing, the client authored 12 publications and presented at six international conferences in her field. Most importantly, authors from more than 27 countries cited her research over 100 times. In addition, the Essential Science Indicators of 2015 rated two of the client’s publications as top 1% papers in computer science. The client also has two patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Secondly, we noted that 10 different journals and conferences invited the client to serve as a peer reviewer. Furthermore, the Association of American Geographers for Interdisciplinary Studies invited the client to be a reviewer. This is a very rare invite for a researcher in computer vision and proves her excellence in the field.

Due to the expertise and knowledge of Meyer Law Group, the petition was approved within 11 days of filing. In conclusion, our team is honored to have helped such an innovative researcher secure a visa to continue her groundbreaking work in the United States.

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