O-1B Visa for Spanish Graphic Designer Approved in 13 days!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1B for Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

Industry: Art Design and Illustration  

Field: Graphic Design

Country of Origin: Spain

Position Offered: Head of Brand and Communications Design 

Approval Notice Date: April 2015

Processing Time: 13 days

Case Summary

In this case, one of the world’s leading Software Development companies hired MLG to file an O-1B Visa Petition for an internationally recognized designer. The employer hired the client to lead its social media platform specifically designed to share art and illustrations.

Brief Summary of the Petition:

Firstly, we noted his impressive experience in his petition. The client had over 12 years of experience at the time of filing. Furthermore, his work transformed the design industry and is hugely influential to thousands of designers around the world.

In addition, we detailed the client’s role in numerous successful ad campaigns. The client worked for major companies including Honda, Nike, Estrella, FC Barcelona, Audi, the NYC Mayor’s Office, and the Sonar Festival.

Secondly, we highlighted his reputation in the field. Numerous renowned art schools, including the University of Barcelona and the Pau Gargallo Art and Design School, invited the client to work as a guest lecturer. Specifically, he taught Masterclasses on art, advertising, typography, design, branding, and music.

Finally, the client received a number of outstanding letters of recommendation from leading experts in art, design, and illustration. One of these letters described the client’s work as “the top of its kind. His amazing sense of visual communication and his immaculate way of showcasing his work turned him into one of the most respected professionals in his field today worldwide. Moreover, I can say from experience and with no hesitation that [the client] has set trends in this industry with his style and his work and he is today a huge influence and a reference to thousands of designers.”

Due to the expertise and proficiency of Meyer Law Group, the client’s O-1B petition was approved just 13 days after filing. In short, our team feels privileged to have worked with such a distinguished designer and influencer in the field of art and design. We wish him the best of luck.

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