O-1A and O-3 Visas for Belgian Java Software Engineer and his family approved in less than one month!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Computer Programming

Field: Java

Country of Origin: Belgium

Position Offered: Senior Software Engineer

Approval Notice Date: December 2017

Processing Time: Less than one month

Case Summary

In this case, one of the world’s largest software development companies hired Meyer Law Group to file an O-1 petition for an outstanding computer programmer. At the time of filing, the client had 25+ years of experience in programming and developed innovative new data processing systems. The client was classified as a top tier expert in the field of Java and software engineering. He was ranked among the top 0.3% of people working with Java. The client created computer systems that undoubtedly impacted millions of people worldwide in numerous industries. Specifically, his work impacted airline reservation systems, high-traffic cluster computing, and industrial control systems.

In his petition, we included letters of recommendation from individuals affiliated with extremely prestigious institutions. These included the United Nations, the White House, Java, Twitter, CNN, the New York Times, BBC, and Ford amongst others. Each letter verified the client’s expertise in his field. For example, one letter wrote: “[the client] is an exciting innovator in the Java Platform. The industry will certainly benefit creatively and economically by his contributions made while in the United States” We also noted that the client won numerous prizes and awards, including Webmaster of the Year and the Duke’s Choice Award.

Meyer Law Group successfully filed the petition and received its approval notice in less than one month. We also secured an O-3 visa for the client’s spouse.

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