O-1B Visa for South Korean Digital Designer Approved in two weeks!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1B for Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

Industry: Digital Design    

Field: User Interface and User Experience  

Country of Origin: South Korea

Position Offered: Product Manager

Approval Date: March 2016

Processing Time: 14 days

Case Summary

In this case, a renowned digital designer from South Korea was hired by a major software development company as an Experience Designer. The company hired Meyer Law Group to file an O-1B petition so the client could continue her career in the United States. The position included high-level responsibilities such as creating sketches, wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and interactive prototypes.

The client rose to the top of her field by virtue of her immense talent, creativity, and design innovation. She previously worked for major companies such as Nike, Samsung, and Apple. She also won numerous awards recognizing her unparalleled talent in her field. Specifically, she won three gold awards at the International Design Awards.

The petition included seven outstanding letters of recommendation from other top leaders in the digital design industry. One of the letters wrote: “I have worked with many incredible designers during my career, and [the client] is absolutely one of the best and unquestionably at the top of her field… she firmly established herself as one of the very best digital designers internationally and I have no doubt we will continue to see great things from this talented digital designer in the future.” 

Thanks to the proficiency of our team, the petition was approved just 14 days after filing. In conclusion, MLG is grateful to the client and her company for their long-standing support and loyalty to our firm.

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