O-1B Visa for Spanish Graphic Designer Approved in just two weeks!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1B for Extraordinary Ability in the arts

Industry: Graphic Design

Speciality: User Experience Design

Country of Origin: Spain

Position Offered: Product Manager

Approval Date: March 2016

Processing Time: 14 days

Case Summary

In this case, a large software development company hired Meyer Law Group to file an O-1B petition for an individual with extraordinary ability in the arts. The company intended to hire the client as a Product Manager where she would use her strong intuition for experience and design to ensure success of the product.

Brief Summary of the petition:

Firstly, we detailed the client’s work history. At the time of filing, the client had over a decade of experience in graphic and UE design. Specifically, she worked for IT companies, educational institutions, and startups. Her artistic work led to multiple awards, publications on her work, leadership in high-profile projects, as well as recognition by executives of leading companies and experts in the design field.

Secondly, her petition included a number of remarkable letters of recommendation from recognized experts in the field of design and user experience. One of the letters described the client as “one of the best interaction designers and digital product consultants. She is an asset to any digital product.” The petition also included excerpts from published materials about the client in major trade publications and news sites. Furthermore, the publications lauded the client’s work as extraordinary and granted her global recognition.

Finally, we highlighted that the company offered the client a salary 135% above the median average for Product Design Managers in the New York metropolitan area. We also detailed the client’s numerous awards. These include the Magento Commerce Most Innovate Website Award and the Pretashop Website of the Year for JustFab shoes.

MLG successfully proved that the client was qualified for O-1B status by virtue of her instrumental and internationally renowned role in the field of graphic design and user experience. Thanks to the expertise of our team, the client’s petition was approved just 14 days after filing. Our firm wishes the client all the best in her future in the United States.

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