O-1A Visa for Researcher with 600+ citations

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Artificial Intelligence and Software Development

Field: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition        

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Position Offered: Research Scientist

Approval Date: March 2016

Processing Time: 14 days

Case Summary

In this case example, Meyer Law Group was hired by a software and technology development company to file an O-1A petition for an individual with extraordinary abilities in science. The client’s field of computer vision and pattern recognition presents countless opportunities for development that can dramatically improve daily life experiences. Specifically, the client’s research placed him at the top of his field and is applicable to various medical, behavioral, and industrial devices. In short, his unique experience and abilities will help the company provide cutting edge services to its customers.

Brief Summary of the Petition:

Firstly, we detailed the client’s research and academic background. At the time of filing, the client had one patent, five pending patents, 10 articles, and over 600 citations. Moreover, he participated as a judge of the work of others by reviewing submissions for 20 different journals and conferences. In addition, the client has a PhD in Computer Science from Boston University.

Secondly, the petition included numerous letters of recommendation. Each letter confirmed the client’s level of expertise in his field. The letters were written by individuals associated with Boston University, MIT, Brown University, the University of Utah, and the University of California. One letter described the client as “an extraordinarily talented scientist in our field. It is rare for someone to achieve such groundbreaking results so I have no doubt that [the client] will contribute to the constantly evolving and highly demanding field of Computer Vision.”

In conclusion, MLG wishes our client a promising future and can’t wait to see him achieve more in his field.

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