O-1A Visa for Albanian Machine Learning Scientist Approved in 12 days!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Machine Learning and Computational Biology

Field: Deep Learning      

Country of Origin: Albania

Position Offered: Machine Learning Scientist

Approval Date: April 2016

Processing Time: 12 days

Case Summary

In this case, a software development company hired MLG to file an O-1A petition for an individual with extraordinary ability in science. The client was hired as a Machine Learning Scientist to work on various research and development projects. Specifically, his role was to build statistical machine learning methods to predict online ad performance and customer behavior. The client’s pioneering research in machine learning, algorithms, and data structures placed him at the top of his field.

Brief summary of the petition:

Firstly, we detailed his research background. At the time of filing, the client received more than 140 citations for his nine articles. The client’s articles were exclusively selected for publication in top scientific journals. For example, Nature, Algorithms for Molecular Biology, and the Journal of Biotechnology. He also worked as a peer reviewer for five different journals.

Secondly, the client’s petition included a number of outstanding letters of recommendation. The letters were from other experts in his field, all affiliated with prestigious research institutions and companies. For example, Johns Hopkins University, the Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Florida State University, Cambridge, Georgia Tech, and Purdue University. One of the letters wrote that “[the client’s] academic background is extremely extensive in scope and truly outstanding in quality. Furthermore, he was a top student and developed sophisticated statistical methods that helped us to better understand the basic biology common to all mammals. His work gave us a perspective of how organisms evolve under the light of evolution, and provides the most reliable way to test new medicines before being deployed to humans.”

USCIS approved the petition in just 12 days thanks to our team at MLG. In short, we are grateful to the client and his company for their trust in our firm’s abilities. We wish him the best of luck in his new future.  

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