O-1A Visa for Human Resources Manager from the United Kingdom approved in just 18 days!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Business

Industry: Human Resources

Speciality: Employee Benefits

Country of Origin: the United Kingdom

Position Offered: Partner Account Director

Approval Date: March 2015

Processing Time: 18 days

Case Summary

In this case, a major software company hired MLG to file an O-1A petition for an individual with extraordinary ability in business. The client was hired as a Partner Account Director. In this role, he would be responsible for marketing, identifying target clients, establishing training and teaching methodology, and supporting the development of best processes and practices.

Brief Summary of the Petition:

The client met five of the qualifications for O-1A status. He is highly sought after due to his new methods for optimizing employee benefits. His petition included five letters of recommendation from other industry leaders. Each letter verified the client’s extraordinary ability and positive influence. One letter explained, “In my opinion, out of the 500 or so HR Managers specializing in the field of employee benefits, [the client] easily rises to the op 1%. Therefore, I have no hesitations in recommending him for an immigrant visa.” 

Furthermore, we explored his research and academic background. The client authored numerous scholarly articles, which is rare for an individual in his field. His publications include a report on Asia Pacific Benefit Trends. Consequently, governments throughout the world utilized his report to understand the trends for organizations in the region. In addition, he published an article in the HR Bible, signifying his reputation as a leading extraordinary ability expert in the HR field. His superior skills and analytical capabilities also resulted in significant publications in major newspapers and trade journals on his work and ideas. Finally, we noted that the company offered him a high salary and a 40% On Target Earning Bonus.

MLG successfully filed this petition, which was approved in just 18 days. Later, the client hired our firm again to file an Adjustment of Status two years after his O-1A approval. In short, MLG is grateful for our client’s endless support and trust in our team to handle his immigration matters.

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