O-1A Visa for Machine Learning Researcher from China Approved in less than one month!

Case Information

Case Type: O-1A for Extraordinary Ability in Science

Industry: Machine Learning  

Field: Reinforcement Learning and Control Theory 

Country of Origin: People’s Republic of China

Position Offered: Senior Research Scientist

Approval Date: January 2016

Processing Time: 27 days

Case Summary

A software and technology development company hired MLG to file an O-1A petition for an individual with extraordinary ability in science. The client met four of the requirements for O-1A qualification: original scientific contributions, authorship of scholarly articles, participation in a panel as a judge of the work of others, and a high salary. The company intended to hire the client as a Senior Research Scientist. Specifically, in this role he would develop new algorithms that could make customer predictions and aid in digital marketing.

Brief summary of the petition:

Firstly, we detailed the client’s academic and research background. Three academic journals published the client’s work. In addition, he presented his work at nine international conferences. Also, he served as a judge at 14 conferences in which he evaluated the work of others in his field. Furthermore, the client has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University.

Secondly, we detailed the client’s innovations in his field. We noted that the client’s advancements in the subfield of reinforcement learning placed him at the top of his field. Moreover, the client’s discoveries are applicable to various industries in the US. His work in the marketing industry helped systems target new customers and improve the customer experience. Similarly, his work in the energy industry optimized petroleum reservoir efficiency and modified electricity usage in response to changing prices. At the time of filing, the client had one pending patent by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Finally, the petition included numerous letters of recommendation. Each letter verified the client’s expertise within his field. The references were associated with major institutions and companies. For example, Stanford University, Microsoft, the University of Virginia, Google, the University of Alberta, and Princeton University. One of the letters describe the client as “absolutely extraordinary a machine learning researcher. His cutting-edge work is of genuine importance to the field of machine learning in the United States.”

Thanks to the expertise and efficiency of our team at MLG, the petition was approved less than one month after filing. In short, MLG is honored to have secured a promising future in the United States for such a gifted client. We wish him the best of luck.

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