Success Stories – The Olympian

EB-1A visa filed for Olympic Fencing Coach

Case Information

Case Type: EB-1A for an Extraordinary Athlete

Field: Fencing & Coaching

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Position Offered: Head Coach for Olympic Training Team

Case Summary

         Meyer Law Group was hired by an Olympic fencing club to file an EB-1A petition for an extraordinary athlete. The beneficiary is recognized as a master of Olympic fencing, both as a competitor and a coach. He is famous for his extraordinary training techniques and his consistent first place wins at international fencing competitions, including the Fencing World Cup.

         We noted that the client previously worked as Head Coach for three national fencing teams. The client holds numerous titles including Sportsman of the Year and has over 12 awards. The client has significant experience in both competing coaching for world-renowned international fencing teams.

We also included seven letters of recommendation from major leaders in the field of fencing, including the President of USA Fencing and the Chairwoman of the Athlete’s Commission of the Russian Olympic Committee. One of the authors wrote:“[the client] was also very successful in raising young stars aged from 8 to 15 in his native country of Russia. Overall, the Beneficiary has  made  an enormous  contribution  to  the development  of  the  sport  of  fencing  through  his  uniquely  skilled  abilities  in teaching young fencers”

This case is currently processing as of 05/2022.